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Greatest Fictional Weapons: 10 Badass Suits of Armor

Some weapons become more iconic than the fictional characters that use them. Others are a vital aspect of a character’s personality. In this column, we take a look at some of the greatest fictional weapons of all time.

Not every hero relies on a gun, sword, spaceship, or car. Some heroes throughout decades of movies, novels, television, video games, and comic books get all four in one exoskeleton that gives him or her the power to fight evil (and sometimes good) in all shapes and sizes. With the right set of powers and the right design, a suit of armor can go from plot device to beloved fictional weapon in the span of a single story.

Sometimes, a suit of armor will be used on a special occasion by a hero in the direst of circumstances. In other cases, a hero and his or her armor are synonymous to fans. Whether they have been featured in countless stories or only in select tales, great pieces of armor have a thrilling and captivating quality that sparks the imaginations of fans, no matter how often they have been seen.

The following 10 suits of armor range from minimally protective coverings to some of the most powerful pieces of weaponry ever seen in fiction. In any case, they are some of the most iconic and badass weapons to ever grace the screen or page.

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Greatest Fictional Weapons: Dastardly Villainous Weapons

It’s kind of unfair how so many heroes get awesome weapons. What’s a villain supposed to do against Iron Man’s armor, Captain America’s indestructible shield, or Thor’s mighty Mjolnir? More often than not, even well-done bad guys are relegated to using a gun or some other run of the mill weapon. Or they just knock off whatever the hero uses and act all cool despite being rip offs.

Thankfully there are still plenty of awesome villainous weapons from movies, TV shows, and books. In fact, some of these put the heroes to shame. But what’s the difference between a weapon that could be used by both good and bad guys alike (like the lightsaber) and a truly villainous weapon? There’s something innately sinister about these tools that just wouldn’t seem right in the hands of the hero.

From deadly little rings to massive battle stations, the best weapons used by the bad guys are both frightening and awe inspiring.
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Greatest Fictional Weapons: The 15 Coolest Guns in Fiction

Every hero needs a trusty weapon at his or her side when facing down legions of evil. Just the same, every villain needs a means of destruction to enact evil schemes. For countless characters in film, television, and books, guns have played a major role in actions scenes that thrill and enthrall.

While modern guns are commonly featured in everything from Westerns to Crime Dramas, they rarely stand out in the minds of audiences.

However, when creators take the time to craft a unique and memorable weapon in their stories, countless audience members come to remember and love the strange guns put on display. From the very first science fiction stories to today’s new generation of comic book adaptations, these are the 15 most memorable and imaginative guns in fiction that in the end are just plain cool.

As a rule for the list, the firearms you see here are fictional creations. So iconic weapons like Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum and James Bond’s Walther PPK are not included, but they are still fantastic pieces that have made their mark on audiences for decades.

For a more civilized list of weapons, read The 15 Coolest Swords in Fiction.
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Greatest Fictional Weapons: The Cosmic Cube

Some weapons become more iconic than the fictional characters that use them. Others are a vital aspect of a character’s personality. In this column, we take a look at some of the greatest fictional weapons of all time.

It’s one of the most simultaneously terrifying and thought-provoking weapons in all of fiction and has been used to shape some of Marvel Comics’ most epic stories. It’s the Cosmic Cube!

In the history of the Marvel Comics Universe, there have been many Cosmic Cubes. These are actually containment devices, designed by many civilizations throughout the cosmos to contain vast amounts of power from the real of the Beyonders – omnipotent beings from another dimension. While few know the true origins of the Cubes, many understanding the pure power they possess. Both heroes and villain have battled to gain control of Cosmic Cubes to assert their will over the universe, as whoever holds the Cosmic Cube has the ability to reshape reality!

Over the years, the Cosmic Cube has sparked epic battles and choices that have impacted the entire universe. For such a small object, the effects of the Cube have reverberated throughout the Marvel Comics Universe. But what power truly lies within the Cosmic Cube? And what role may it yet play in both the Comic and Marvel Cinematic Universes? Continue reading “Greatest Fictional Weapons: The Cosmic Cube”

Greatest Fictional Weapons: The Infinity Gauntlet

Some weapons become more iconic than the fictional characters that use them. Others are a vital aspect of a character’s personality. In this column, we take a look at some of the greatest fictional weapons of all time.

It’s one of the most iconic weapons in comic book history. It’s destroyed billions and resurrected millions. It’s saved planets and empowered crazed galactic titans. And it’s coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nothing will be the same.

It’s the Infinity Gauntlet. A weapon so powerful that its power is split between six Infinity Gems, each with control over an aspect of reality. Combined, their wielder can reshape the universe with his or her mind. With so much power literally in the hand of one person, it’s a weapon that no one should control. Of course, this awe-inspiring armament is synonymous with the Mad Titan, Thanos. His obsession with death and his all-consuming desire to rule the universe has set him on a collision course with The Infinity Gauntlet, the one thing that can help him achieve his dreams of conquest.

While this multi-colored weapon has been known and loved to comic readers for decades, it is only now that The Infinity Gauntlet is coming into the mainstream consciousness. While not divulged by producers, the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be on a collision course with Thanos and The Infinity Gauntlet storyline written by Jim Starlin and published in 1991. With the seeds of this universe-shattering story set to come to life on the big screen in the near future, now is a better time than ever to dive into what The Infinity Gauntlet means for Marvel Comics’ heroes and villains alike.
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Greatest Fictional Weapons: The 15 Coolest Swords in Fiction

It’s not just one of the earliest weapons ever created by man, it’s also one of the greatest. Thanks to its iconic image, simple nature, and wild degree of adaptability, the sword has managed to stay in the hearts of minds of people long after the creation of high tech weaponry.

Not only that, but it has spawn some of the most iconic weapons in film, television, video games, and books. Whether it is used to cleave through legions of enemies or to symbolize a hero’s greater power, swords in fiction have truly left their mark. But which is the greatest?

In a fictional clash of fictional swords, these are the blades that come out on top. Spanning myth and popular culture, the following 15 swords and their many wielders have hacked and slashed their way to victory and a place in the hearts of devoted fans everywhere.

One note, I’ve decided to leave off the lightsaber for the sake of competition, everyone knows that would be number one on every list if it was included! For an in-depth look at the creation, history, and use of the weapon, read Greatest Fictional Weapons: The Lightsaber.
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Greatest Fictional Weapons: The Lightsaber

Some weapons become more iconic than the fictional characters that use them. Others are a vital aspect of a character’s personality. In this column, we take a look at some of the greatest fictional weapons of all time.

Is there a series and a weapon more closely linked than Star Wars and the lightsaber? The weapon of the Jedi and Sith, the lightsaber is a deceptively simple concept that has created countless amazing moments in film and novels, inspiring fans the world to dream of a galaxy far, far away. The genesis of the idea is simple. What if there was a sword made out of a laser? Now put it in the hands of a galactic knight travelling through the cosmos and surrounded by rogues, villains, and characters of all kinds who would rather fire their blasters than swing a lightsaber.

What makes the lightsaber one of the greatest fictional weapons of all time is a potent combination of appearance, memorable battles, and an enormous sense of history imbued into the item. In fact, it’s one of the few pieces of Star Wars lore that was made better by the prequel series! Showing it in more forms and in its heyday of combat proves what an amazing weapon it can be, even in the context of enormous starships, legions of battle droids, and bounty hunters with more weapons than there are stars in the sky.

In the right hands, the lightsaber could take down the toughest bad guy in the galaxy. But this is a weapon of skill, not brute force. With countless variations and styles, the lightsaber is the ultimate in science fiction weapons, perfectly blending far flung future technology and medieval weaponry. This is, after all, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
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The 15 Coolest Fictional Spaceships Ever

Greatest Spaceships FictionSome of science fiction’s greatest moments come from a sense of discovery. And nothing creates a greater sense of wonder, or leads to even more amazing moments, than the fictional spaceships that take intrepid bands of heroes careening across the galaxies.

Film, television, and books throughout the decades have created spaceships beyond our wildest imaginations, incorporating pieces of real world technology and using imagination to expand the scope of what was once thought possible. Thanks to science fiction, the ideas for interstellar travel and spaceship design in the real world have gone far beyond what was once thought possible. Countless ideas and prototypes have been made solely due to what has been put forward in fiction.

These are the 15 best spaceships to ever be featured in a fictional story. From sleek fighters to massive freighters, these spaceships are amazing inventions. One rule, while some of these ships may spend most of their time on Earth, they are considered a spaceship as long as they are designed to work in outer space. Continue reading “The 15 Coolest Fictional Spaceships Ever”

The 15 Coolest Fictional Automobiles Ever

Fiction is filled with some of the most awesome cars and motorcycles ever seen. Whether they are grounded in the past or part of a far-flung future, these vehicles inspire envy and flights of fancy in the die hard fans left in their super sonic wakes.

From suped-up takes on real world vehicles to brand new ideas only possible on screen or page, these cars and motorcycles have made a lasting impression on fans. In fact, some may even be more memorable than the stories they were in.

These are the 15 best cars and motorcycles to ever be part of fiction. Some are insanely cool. Others are just plain weird. In either case, these high-powered vehicles rule!

A couple of ground rules before we begin. No Transformers are on the list, they have an unfair advantage! Look for an exclusive Transformers list coming soon since Age of Extinction is coming to theaters. Also, this is strictly automobiles, so if it can travel into space, it’s a spaceship and therefore disqualified.
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Greatest Fictional Weapons: Green Lantern Power Ring

Some weapons become more iconic than the fictional characters that use them. Others are a vital aspect of a character’s personality. In this column, we take a look at some of the greatest fictional weapons of all time.

It’s called the most powerful weapon in the universe. It’s also a piece of finger jewelry. But trust me, the Green Lantern Power Ring is awesome when it’s in the right hands (ring bearer and writer alike). It’s storied history and strange capabilities make it one of the all-time greatest when it comes to comic book weapons.

From its original appearance in the Golden Age of Comics as a magic-based ring used solely by Alan Scott (All-America Comics #16 in 1940) to its rejuvenation in the Silver Age as the science-based weapon of a universe-spanning police force (Showcase #22 in 1959), the Green Lantern Ring is as old as comics themselves.

The Green Lantern Rings were created by the Guardians of the Universe, a group a big headed blue aliens, who decided to bring peace to the planets through a powerful police force. Members of the Green Lantern Corps are selected by computer-like rings based on their ability to overcome fear, making them the ideal candidates. Green Lanterns have great will power, which is how they control the ring and unlock its true potential. The ring gives them the ability to create anything they can imagine and with these light constructs, they battle evil and police the universe.

It’s a rather unconventional idea for a weapon, but it’s one that has kept the characters that take up the mantle of Green Lantern fresh and original for decades. No two Green Lanterns are the same, as their personalities not only define their characters, but how they use the ring. While every Lantern uses the ring to shield themselves in a protective aura, give themselves the power of flight, and allow outer space travel, the life that they give to their thoughts make each one different when written and drawn well.
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