Onward and Upward

After more than 200 posts and two years spent regularly publishing reviews, lists, analysis, and more, it’s time for a change. Writing on a regular basis has helped challenge me and grow my skills in more ways than I ever expected when I first set out to write this blog. While writing has always helped me pursue my passions, express my ideas, and find fulfillment in ways that a typical job cannot provide, there are many more pursuits that I have been delaying. There’s no time like the present to pursue new and exciting ideas, so putting it all down in writing right here is my commitment to this new idea.

No, that doesn’t mean I won’t regularly publish here. What it means is that I will be scaling back my writing on this blog for the foreseeable future to once per week instead of twice per week. In its place, I will be working on creating the art that I love rather than only analyzing it. While I won’t lay out any concrete ideas, I will be dedicating the extra time this gives me to new forms of writing. There have been many ideas I have been cultivating in my head for some time now and the only reason I haven’t brought them to life is due to a lack of time and my general nervousness about the entire matter.
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My Life in Story Form – Evaluating 200 Blog Posts and Counting

This is my 200th blog post. So I’ve decided that in honor of writing for more than two years on topics ranging from deep dives into storytelling to fun countdowns of inconsequential things, I’m taking a look at the deeper ideas I have been striving to get at. Writing about comic books, movies, television, and more elements of fiction and pop culture can be equal parts carefree fun and the writing equivalent of beating yourself over the head with a rock. The tricky thing is that you never quite know which it is going to be until you start the latest piece.

While entertainment may be one of the least important issues in need of discussion in the world today, a great story can change lives. True art not only helps humans express themselves in beautiful ways, but it can give them a chance to impart love and wisdom to other people in a manner that is impossible in any other form. Yes, there are countless terrible works out there that are simply the product of studios and executives trying to make as much money as possible. But good and pure art has a value that can never truly be taken away. Even a failure has value when it is created by people who are trying to do something special.

Human beings are innately drawn to tell, listen to, and pass on stories. It’s not only how we can connect with one another, but it’s how we form societies and create connections from one generation to the next or between people who have lived vastly different lives. There are core truths to the human experience that we all share, no matter our personalities, preferences, or cultures.

I want to explore those truths. I want to make the most out of something I have devoted huge portions of my life to following. I want to combine my passions and my gifts in order to bless other people, even if that is in some minor and fleeting way.

It matters to me, damn it.
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Why Am I Doing This?

This is a blog about entertainment, geeky stuff, stories, and characters that make me emotionally react in some form. Whether that is positive or negative, if it makes me want to write, it’ll be covered here.

But why am I doing this?

There are millions of blogs online (that’s PROBABLY not an exaggeration), so why should I add to the pile? Well, I like writing. And I like entertainment. Also, I have wordy opinions about movies, shows, books, and comics. Additionally, I hate writing about myself. So rather than blog about my daily life and feelings, I’ve decided to blog about things that are only tangentially related to me!
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